Pilot Info

Pilot Information

Paragliding and Hang Gliding are expressions of freedom, including our freedom to choose our own life and take our own risks. To sustain a flying Club in the US we have to stay aware of the context in which we fly. Here at Mt Brace our launches are on N.Y. Taconic State Park land, and our privilege to launch there is revocable. Lawsuits of many kinds are always possible. We also have the usual potential for issues with the local landowners who are our neighbors.
Please, then, be respectful of the rules, of the rangers, and of all the people that you meet, in order that we may all be able to fly here for many years to come. You are an ambassador of our sport and of our Club! Thanks, and see you in the air.

All Pilots P2,P3 and P4 and HG flying Brace are required to have an Approved Brace Pilot Helmet Sticker available from Club Officers in LZ  when you come to sign in Pilot book before going up to Launch.

The Pilot’s Checklist

To come out and fly you need the following:

  1. Current USHPA membership *
  2. Current Mt. Brace Outdoor Club membership, with a waiver signed each calendar year.
  3. USHPA P3/H3 rating or higher. P2/H2s can fly too but for safety reasons it’s a little more complicated - Click here
  4. A helmet and protective footwear
  5. A radio that can receive and transmit on the USHPA frequencies. Due to varios activities around we are adjusting flying friequency on day-to-day basis. Please check at LZ what is the Club radio frequency for this day.
  6. Sign in the Pilot book in the Mt Brace Flight Park LZ before heading up to launch
  7. Call the ranger if you are the first pilot signing in or if you have any doubt whether the ranger has been called. It’s easy. Call (518) 329-3993 and say, “I’m calling from the Brace Club. I just wanted to let you know we will be flying today.”

If you are new here, you are welcome! Please read the rest of the Rules before you come and arrange for a site intro before you fly for the first time. To make an assessment about weather conditions, check forecasts for Millerton, NY. 12546

To land in the main LZ or use Club's facilities and parking you have to be a member of Mt. Brace Outdoor Club (the Club has an agreement with the private land owners to utilize their facilities for Club's related activities).

Flying Site

Brace Mountain

1,600'agl. WNW-WSW. P3/H3.(P2/H2 Observed)
Launch faces valley below. Spacious, open with good height over the LZ. Smooth and kind to beginners in the morning and afternoons. Great XC potential for more advanced pilots. A State Park permit governs this launch site and Pilots must sign in at the Mt Brace Outdoor Club LZ before going to launch. Park Ranger must also be notified before the first flight of the day. There are two options for access: a thirty minute drive around the back of the mountain, then a thirty-five minute trail hike through the woods, or a mountain goat hike up the face.